Gusto is laying on a cement wall, with his mouth open looking at the camera with a happy expression on his face. Behind him is a wooden wall with the GDB logo in white and green foliage.

Gusto GDB Badge Icon: Career Change Dog, featuring a bone

Birthdate 2/3/2022

Color Yellow

Breed Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross

Sex Male

Location California

Parents Whiskers & Claudia

Path Career Change

Littermates with Pupdates Georganne, Grenache, Garth, Grand, Galley, Gabe

Gusto Pupdates

July 2023 Pupdate for Gusto

Posted 7/20/2023

Gusto is a big, silly, affectionate boy! He loves running around the grass play area and will come bounding back to me and stop on a dime right in front of me and sit when I call him.

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Gusto, a yellow Lab/Golden cross, trots across a grass play area toward the camera with his ears perked up. Behind him are some chairs and a fence.

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