Birthdate 2/8/2023

Color Yellow

Breed Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross

Sex Female

Location Oregon

Parents Dug & Claudia

Path Formal Guidework Training

Littermates with Pupdates Ivy, Irvine

Iris Pupdates

July 2024 Pupdate for Iris

Posted 7/18/2024

Iris and I have been working together for a month now and she has learned and experienced so many things in that short time! She is a sweet, cuddly girl who wants to do her best at all times. Her absolute favorite toys here are stuffies and I rotate them out for extra novelty. Sometimes she even likes to practice GW with the toy in her mouth! Iris is a smart girl and a joy to work with.

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Iris lies down, in harness, on concrete next to a green bench. The picture is taken from above her, looking down as she looks up into the camera. Her mouth is open with her tongue slightly out, revealing a black tongue spot.
A slightly blurred picture captures Iris mid run and jump in the hallway of the kennel. She is running towards the camera with a 3-pointed purple toy in her mouth. Pictured in the background are the surrounding kennel doors and various other toys on the ground.
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