Birthdate 2/8/2023

Color Yellow

Breed Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross

Sex Male

Location Oregon

Parents Kip & Bernice

Path Formal Guidework Training

Littermates with Pupdates Nutmeg, Nils, Nobu, Nandy, Nexus

Nautilus Pupdates

July 2024 Pupdate for Nautilus

Posted 7/18/2024

Nautilus is just a sweetheart and has stolen the hearts of everyone on campus. Everywhere he goes he is reminded of how cute, handsome and adorable he is. I make sure to remind him of that everyday, too. Nautilus has such a silly personality and continues to find ways to brighten my day. He embodies the motto "work hard, play hard." After a day of training, he likes to fall asleep while drinking from his water bowl, which is funny to see. One of his favorite things is to play with a stuffy toy and get some snuggles after a route. Of course, Nautilus is always reenergized and ready to play with his friends in community run. He's such a sociable guy!

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Nautilus, a yellow cross, is sitting in front of a planter on the Oregon Campus.  He is wearing his leather GDB harness and looking very handsome.  The background is blurred, but some foliage and a concrete pathway is discernable.
A close up headshot of Nautilus, a large and handsome cross.  Nautilus is playing in community run on the Oregon campus.  He has a big toothy smile on his face and looks beyond thrilled.
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