A portrait of Owen, a yellow Labrador Retriever, sitting on gravel and looking at the camera with a soft, closed-mouth expression. There are a few small ferns in the background.


Birthdate 9/24/2022

Color Yellow

Breed Labrador Retriever

Sex Male

Location Oregon

Parents Zenith & Denmark

Path Formal Guidework Training

Littermates with Pupdates Otto, Orla, Olivia

Owen Pupdates

May 2024 Pupdate for Owen

Posted 5/16/2024

Happy May from Owen! Recently Owen has been blowing me away with his guidework! He is a fast, confident, and serious worker, but he certainly knows how to blow off steam in his downtime. He particularly enjoys chasing around the jolly egg in community run! He recently finished his final testing and is now awaiting his perfect match. I have enjoyed working with Owen these past few months!

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Owen in sitting in front of a rhododendron bush covered in bright red blooms. He is wearing a guide dog harness and looking at the camera.
Owen chasing a yellow Jolly Egg toy in community run on the Oregon campus. He is running after the toy with his mouth open and ears flying.

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