Birthdate 2/11/2023

Color Yellow

Breed Labrador Retriever

Sex Male

Location Oregon

Parents Marlow & Ruffle

Path Formal Guidework Training

Littermates with Pupdates Prescott, Provo, Petra, Powers, Patton, Poet

Pax Pupdates

July 2024 Pupdate for Pax

Posted 7/18/2024

Pax is such a sweet boy and an A+ student. He has been thriving here on the Oregon Campus and is really enjoying his training. He picks up new skills quickly, shows initiative and is always engaged. He is a fun pup to train and his charismatic personality makes him so loveable. In his downtime, Pax enjoys running around community run, playing in the pool or cuddling with his roommate.

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Pax, a male yellow lab, is sitting in front of a planter on the Oregon Campus.  He is wearing his leather GDB harness and looking very handsome.  The background is blurred, but some foliage and a concrete pathway is discernable.
A male yellow lab named Pax is standing on a red play structure in the community run area on the Oregon campus. Pax is looking up towards the camera, with a goofy smile on his face.  His tongue is sticking out slightly and he looks very happy.
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