A female black Labrador Retriever sits in harness and looks proudly at the camera after a good route. There is a building covered in ivy in the background.

Raya GDB Badge Icon: Career Change Dog, featuring a bone

Birthdate 12/28/2021

Color Black

Breed Labrador Retriever

Sex Female

Location California

Parents Celtic & Vara

Path Career Change

Littermates with Pupdates Rosa, Reno, Rafa

Raya Pupdates

July 2023 Pupdate for Raya

Posted 7/20/2023

Raya, also affectionately known as "Ray-Ray" by her trainer is having an absolute blast this summer, especially when it's pool time. She loves playing in the water and will get excited zoomies running in and out of the pool!

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Raya, a female black Labrador Retriever sits in harness on a sidewalk with her head tilted and gaze past the camera. The Bay bridge, a flock of birds, clouds, a green mountain, and blue water are in the background.
Raya, a female black Labrador Retriever lays on the sidewalk belly up with all four paws in the air in anticipation of a belly rub. Some of her teeth can be seen peeking through her lips and one ear is folded back.

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