Willa sits looking a the camera. There is a flower box behind her with colorful flowers.


Birthdate 7/17/2022

Color Black

Breed Labrador Retriever

Sex Female

Location California

Parents Atticus & Pacific

Path Formal Guidework Training

Littermates with Pupdates Wispy, Wiki, Wavy, Waggie

Willa Pupdates

July 2024 Pupdate for Willa

Posted 7/18/2024

Willa is the life of the party! She is always in a good mood and loves to train. She works hard and plays hard!

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While in harness, Willa is holding a down-stay position while posing on top of a tree stump cut into the shape of a chair. She is looking into the distance with her mouth open and tongue slightly out.
A picture of Willa playing in the play yard on the CA campus. She has the three-ring tug toy in her mouth as she runs toward the camera.

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