April 2023 Pupdate for Bombay

Posted 4/20/2023

A big hello from Bombay! Bombay wakes up every morning ready to remind us about all of the beautiful things in life. We've enjoyed adding activities into her name: "Bom-bath time," "Bom-breakfast," "Bom-belly rubs..." Her next challenge will be sharing her secrets on how she manages such a good work-life balance; she is ready to work or play anytime!

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Young female yellow lab, Bombay, sits regally on top of a green, purple, and blue plastic play structure. She looks slightly up at the camera with a very subtle grin on her face.
Young female yellow lab, Bombay, sits in her GDB harness and looks to her right at the camera wearing a serious expression. She is in front of a railing to a large indoor mall atrium.