April 2023 Pupdate for Dandelion

Posted 4/20/2023

Dandelion (who I affectionately refer to as Dandy) is such a lovely dog. Wherever we go, she gets comments about just how cute she is! She is also so sweet and affectionate, she is the perfect cuddle buddy at the end of a long day. In her downtime Dandelion enjoys playing with other dogs in community run, snuggling, and chewing on nylabones. In fact, she loves nylabones so much that she will often grab her bone when I go in her kennel to put on her collar and just hold it, hoping I'll let her take it with her.

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Dandelion (a long-coated Golden Retriever/Labrador Retriever cross) sits and looks towards the camera with her head cocked to one side. She is wearing a guide dog harness and sitting in front of a brick wall.
Dandelion lays on top of a plastic toy chest while playing in community run on the Oregon campus. She is looking towards the camera with her mouth open and a content expression.