April 2023 Pupdate for Foxtrot

Posted 4/20/2023

Happy spring from Foxtrot! Foxtrot, or "Fox," has been delightful to have on our training string! She is always down for a cuddle sesh; she can usually be found curled up in your lap. Foxtrot has captured the heart of everyone she meets, especially with her extra cute underbite! When not guiding, Foxtrot loves to chew on bones with her roommate or in community run. Thank you for raising this sweet girl!

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Yellow Labrador Golden Retriever cross, Foxtrot, sits on a concrete sign wearing her harness. It is lightly snowing; some green shrubs are behind her, with a small layer of snow resting on top of the bushes.
Yellow Labrador Golden Retriever cross, Foxtrot, sits in community run. She is looking at the camera with her ears relaxed back and tongue out, licking her nose. There are some colorful play structures behind her.