April 2023 Pupdate for Leora

Posted 4/20/2023

Happy spring for Leora! Leora, or "Lee-Lee" as we affectionately call her, is always ready for a good time! This cute girl loves to get the party started in community run with a good tug session. Leora has been so delightful to have on our string, and I always look forward to our time together!

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A dark yellow Labrador retriever, Leora, looks at the camera sitting on a concrete sign wearing her harness. It is lightly snowing all around her. Various greenery and large trees are behind her, lightly dusted with snow.
A dark yellow Labrador retriever, Leora, looks up at the camera with a happy smile. She is sitting on a red bone-shaped play structure in community run with various colorful play structures and toys behind her.