April 2023 Pupdate for Regis

Posted 4/20/2023

Greetings from our sunny California campus where Regis is having a blast! He has a big personality outside of work and is serious and focused when guiding. He loves the jollyball and jollyegg toys so much and always has one when hes playing. He also loves a routine. He works in the morning, takes a nap, and wakes himself up right on time everyday before our afternoon training sessions. He hits a big stretch before hes ready to go! Till next time!- Regis (a.k.a. Reeeg)

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Regis is laying down in a grassy area while he wears his harness. Pink flowers are seen in the background, matching his pink nose! He is wearing his back booties.
Regis is having fun with a red jollyball on a concrete play area. He has one paw on the floor, another on the ball, and gazes to the side.