April 2023 Pupdate for Wolf

Posted 4/20/2023

Hello awesome puppy raiser! "Wolf" has been great to work with these past few months. He has both a spunky and sensitive side, which makes our routes and exercises a lot of fun. Whenever we have route or exercise that seems challenging, he loves to have a quick tug session and move onto the next task. He is also an amazing settler and can lay quietly wherever we go. Thank you for raising this handsome boy and I will miss all his face kisses when he's finished with training!

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Wolf looks excitedly up into the camera with wide eyes and mouth agape from playing in community run. He sits on a flat, purple play structure waiting patiently for a food reward.
Wolf sits, in harness, on a stone staircase in Oregon City. He is directly facing the camera and a small waterfall is flowing behind him.