April 2024 Pupdate for Frankie

Posted 4/18/2024

Sweet Frankie Girl! The little squish! Those are just a few of her adoring nicknames. Frankie has been such a joy to work with. Her positive attitude and willingness to work, even when introducing more challenging concepts, are what makes her a pleasure to train. We always end the day with a good snuggle and some extra puppy kisses! Frankie enjoys her time on campus playing with her roommate and best friend, a female black lab.

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A close up headshot of female yellow lab, Frankie.  She is wearing her leather guide dog harness and is looking towards the camera, awaiting her kibble! In the background are vibrant blue flowers in bloom.
Frankie, a female yellow lab, is standing up while wearing her leather guide dog harness.  She is carrying a donut shaped stuffy toy as a reward for being a good girl!