April 2024 Pupdate for Jenna

Posted 4/18/2024

Jenna Girl! What a fun and joyous dog to work with. Her enthusiasm to learn and eagerness to please make her a joy to train. She is picking up new concepts quickly and thriving. She does the cutest full body wiggle when you tell her she's a good girl and her happy energy is contagious. She loves to let loose and romp around during community run playtime. She and her roommate were fast friends and love spending time playing and chewing on bones.

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A close up headshot of Jenna, a female yellow lab, wearing her leather guide dog harness. She is looking eagerly towards the camera, her mouth slightly open, as though she is smiling.  In the background are vibrant blue flowers in bloom.
Jenna, a female yellow lab, is sitting in the community run play area on the Oregon campus.  She is smiling up at her handler, hoping for a kibble after her excellent recall!