April 2024 Pupdate for Roscoe

Posted 4/18/2024

Hello from Roscoe! Roscoe has settled into life on campus and is enjoying himself a lot! He especially likes hanging out in community run with both his new dog and human friends, and running in the free run area with a jolly ball. He has started training with lots of enthusiasm. He is having a blast and learning a ton. We are really enjoying getting to know him!

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Roscoe, Black Labrador, sits on leash in his harness body looking directly at the camera. Behind him you can see a path stretching out set up with a yellow and orange guide work obstacle course.
Roscoe is in the middle of a bark chip covered, fenced in, play area. His front end is down, with a blue jolly ball in his mouth and his hind end and tail are up in the air.