April 2024 Pupdate for Sylvie

Posted 4/18/2024

Sylvie has the cutest face and the sweetest, spunkiest personality! While she awaits her next adventure, she is spending time enjoying lots of snuggles with her roommate and playtime with her friends and CWTTs. Sylvie is such a fun dog to take to the free run area to play with because she is so spunky and full of life! She gets the best zoomies! We continue to love having Sylvie on campus!

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A portrait of female black Labrador Retriever, Sylvie. She is sitting in the grassy free run area looking up and at a slight right angle toward the camera.
Sylvie runs toward the camera in the grassy free run area. Her front paws are curled up in front of her and her left is is flapping backwards as she runs. There are some natural looking play structures and a parking lot with trees in the background.