April 2024 Pupdate for Triscuit

Posted 4/18/2024

Happy Spring from Triscuit! This sweet little go getter has been learning all things guide dog! I love how easy going Triscuit is and how wiggly she gets before training! Triscuit is a very focused worker and loves to show off her skills. She loves to chew on nylabones in community run and zoom around on all the play structures. I am so excited to have her on my training string. Thank you for raising Triscuit and giving her a great foundation of skills!

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Triscuit, a female yellow Labrador, sits in her guide dog harness. She is looking at the camera and behind her is wooden bench and green bushes.
Triscuit, a female yellow Labrador, walks down a green plastic play structure towards the camera. She is licking her lips in the picture.