August 2023 Pupdate for Caramel

Posted 8/17/2023

Caramel is the sweetest and spunkiest girl who has won the hearts of her CWTTS! She has quite the big personality and will always let us know exactly what she wants! She likes to spend her time on campus playing with other dogs in CR and hanging out with her roommate or the CWTTs.

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Caramel, a female yellow Labrador Retriever, sits on a comfy bed in an ex-pen. The bed has a sheet on it that is white with pink elephants. Caramel's right foot is slightly lifted, her ears are back, and her tongue is out, licking her nose.
Caramel jumps in the air to grab a black and red figure eight-shaped GoughNut toy. She is in the CR area, which is concrete with cyclone fencing. There is a purple bone-shaped play structure and a red Jolly egg behind her. Her front paws are off the ground, her ears are flopping in opposite directions, and her mouth is open, about to bite down on the toy.