August 2023 Pupdate for Chorizo

Posted 8/17/2023

Happy Summer from Cheez-o, Cheesy, Reezo! Chorizo has been such a joy to work with and has been loving the sunshine on our routes! During his downtime in the kennels, he has been enjoying his new roommate and going on a fun walk with our instructors to find some ripe blackberries.

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A hand is outstretched holding ripe blackberries. In the background stands  a yellow lab wearing a headcollar and leash with his mouth open and a curious look on his face.  A dry grass field surrounds the background.
Yellow lab, Chorizo, sits in front of a colorful pot of flowers on a sidewalk.  Chorizo is wearing a guide dog harness and has his mouth open with a friendly look on his face.  Behind him is a telephone pole, street, and store fronts.