August 2023 Pupdate for Heirloom

Posted 8/17/2023

We are excited that Heirloom has been accepted into our community partner Freedom Canines International's program! They will be coming to pick her up around mid-month and can't wait to begin working with her. Until then, Heirloom is in a wonderful local foster care home where they report she loves getting pets, rolling around on her back, running, chasing her tail, and catching balls, and is the happiest dog they have taken care of. Heirloom enjoys chewing on her Kong and Nylabone and has quite the spunky and affectionate personality.

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Black Lab Heirloom sits in the green grass with the GDB residence hall in the background. She is next to a blue sign that reads
Heirloom playfully lies on her back in the green grass with a yellow tennis ball in her mouth.