August 2023 Pupdate for Panther

Posted 8/17/2023

Panther absolutely loves having a job and decided right away that going on a route is lots of fun! He has many nicknames like “Panny,” “Pan-man,” and “Super Pan-man.” He even has his own theme song “Anpanman” (it’s an actual song) for taking a silly break on routes! When he isn’t working, Panther has a great time tugging with his roommate, a Black Lab.

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Male Yellow Lab Panther sits on a sidewalk by a planter filled with bright yellow flowers. He is wearing a guide dog harness and has his tongue out in a smile. Behind him is a blue sky and trees.
Yellow Lab Panther has his mouth around a Nylabone while a hand holds it for him. He is in a community run play area.