August 2023 Pupdate for Veteran

Posted 8/17/2023

A sunny hello from Veteran, or Vetters! He is enjoying all that summer has to offer: sunshine, Nylabones, swimming pool time, and of course, snuggles with his favorite humans. He always has the most joyous smile to greet everyone he meets and is ready to work hard! We appreciate all you did to raise the most gentle, loving boy!

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Male, yellow lab Veteran has a smily face as he sits in his harness by the new GDB sign on the Oregon campus. There is a variety of greenery and colorful flowers on the ground.
Male, yellow lab Veteran lounges on a large, plush dog bed with a pink elephant sheet on top. He has a selection of colorful Nylabones by his paws, though he has grasped and is chewing on a red bone shaped like a lobster. It is a sunny day outside and a variety of tall greenery pokes up behind him.