December 2023 Pupdate for Burrito

Posted 12/21/2023

Burrito has learned so much over the past few weeks! Recently, he learned how to navigate buildings, board escalators, and travel on the bus and light-rail systems. He is a sweet, calm boy and at the end of a route, just wants to be hugged and gently pet. On his down time, his favorite thing to do is sit next to me and have me hold a Nylabone while he chews it. Burrito's training is coming along nicely and he is a pleasure to work with!

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Burrito lies down on a plastic toy box in community run. Between his paws is a Nylabone standing on end. He stops chewing on his bone briefly to look up at the camera.
Burrito sits, in harness, at a bus stop in Gresham, OR. He is looking up into the camera with a soft expression and what appears to be a smile.