December 2023 Pupdate for Captain

Posted 12/21/2023

Happy December from Captain! "Happy Cappy" or "Cappy girl" has been such a joy to train so far! She always is ready to go and bring her happy self on route! I love snuggling with her after our routes. Captain has quickly stolen my heart with her squishy muzzle and wiggly body. In her free time, Captain likes to get cuddles or play in community run with her roommate and friends. Thank you for giving her a great foundation!

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Captain, a female black lab, sits in her guide dog harness in front of a large Christmas tree. The tree is full of red and white striped, gold, and green ornaments. Captain is placed in front of big green presents with red bows on them. Captain is looking at the camera with her sweet face.
Captain, a female black lab, sits on a red and green plastic play structure in community run. She is looking at the camera and has her lip tucked under her tooth.