December 2023 Pupdate for Eldon

Posted 12/21/2023

Season’s greetings from Eldon! Eldon has been zipping through formal training and is enjoying going lots of new places. This month Eldon got to experience escalators and he thought that was a blast! He has been such a fun dog to work with!

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Eldon sits in front of a decorated fake tree in the Lloyd Center in Portland. He is wearing a guide dog harness and booties on his back feet and he is looking toward the camera. The tree behind him is green and decorated with red and silver ornaments.
Eldon playing in community run on the Oregon Campus. He is chewing a nylabone on top of a purple ramp-shaped piece of play equipment. He is in a bow position, with his front end leaning down on the top of the ramp and holding the bone and his hind end still standing on the lower part of the ramp.