December 2023 Pupdate for Grenache

Posted 12/21/2023

Grenache is a large, handsome, and calm male brindle cross. He receives stares wherever he works because of his unique look, however he pays no mind to all the attention as he remains super focused while guiding. He loves downtime and playing with bones and kongs, and even makes all kinds of different noises while playing.

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Grenache is sitting on the sidewalk, in harness, surrounded by hundreds of orange and yellow and red leaves. You can see a brindle patch on his face, and his brown eyes. He stares up at the camera with his face slightly turned.
Grenache is mid jump in the air, while his mouth open giving the appearance of smiling or panting. His white patch on his chest is super visible. He is in a enclosed play yard on campus, running around the perimiter. The dirt is beige, the grass is green and the sky is bright blue!