December 2023 Pupdate for Juanita

Posted 12/21/2023

Happy December from Juanita! She loves to play in our bark chip play yard, and often gets the zoomies while carrying her favorite jolly ball toy. If she's not making laps around the race track- I mean play yard- she is happily napping with her roommate or cozying up and cuddling with the Kennel Techs! She has found that the fish shaped benebone is her favorite to chew on, and enjoys her campus walks!

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A sleek black lab is sitting on a red plastic play structure in our bark chip yard. She has her eyes closed and her mouth open in a smile. Partially hidden behind her is her favorite blue jolly ball.
A black lab carrying a large blue ball, mid stride running along the fence line. She is running along bark chips and the kennel can be seen in the background.