December 2023 Pupdate for Mikey

Posted 12/21/2023

Happy December from Mikey! Mikey has been a joy to train so far! I love his big goofy ears. When Mikey is working he is very professional and we call him "Michael". Mikey likes to hang out with me at my desk or at coffee shops. In his free time, he likes to run around and play tug with his friends in community run. Thank you for giving him a great foundation!

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Mikey, a male yellow Labrador, sits in his guide dog harness in front of a large Christmas tree. The tree is full of red and white striped, gold, and green ornaments. Mikey is placed in front of big green presents with red bows on them.
Mikey, a male yellow Labrador, is running towards his instructor in the grassy run area on the Oregon campus. His back legs and tail are up in the air and his ears are flopping down.