December 2023 Pupdate for Pancake

Posted 12/21/2023

Season’s greetings from Pancake! This month Pancake has been going lots of new places, like Downtown Portland and the Portland Airport. Pancake is the sweetest boy and enjoys being talked to in a goofy, squeaky voice when he has done something correctly. He also enjoys lots of post-route cuddles! He has been a pleasure to work with these last couple months!

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Pancake sitting in front of Tanner Springs Park in the Pearl District of Portland. Pancake is wearing a guide dog harness and looking towards the camera. Behind him in the park are various multicolored plants and bushes, and a walkway surrounded by water. Tall buildings stand in the far background.
Pancake playing in community run on the Oregon Campus. He is holding a rubber tug toy and running towards the camera with his tail and ears flying behind him. In the background is various play equipment and the Oregon vet clinic building in the distance.