December 2023 Pupdate for Raelyn

Posted 12/21/2023

Raelyn came to DBL a few weeks ago and is spending time creating a bond with her new handler. She is settling in well and is loved by all the staff. Raelyn is training to become a Hearing Assistance Dog. She is learning how to tap the handler’s hand to alert her to a sound. She is in the beginning stages of sound work, but her trainer says she is a very bright girl and a quick learner. Raelyn gets so excited when the oven timer goes off, even though she is not exactly sure what it means yet, but she obviously knows it is something good! She has lots of energy and loves those belly rubs!

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Yellow Lab Raelyn wears a green vest while lying on a red plaid dog bed with a Nylabone and looking at the camera. A sign that says
Yellow Lab Raelyn sits in the green grass in a fenced yard wearing a red collar and a green harness looking relaxed.