December 2023 Pupdate for Sapphire

Posted 12/21/2023

Sapphire (aka Sapphy) has learned so much over the past few weeks! Recently, he learned how to navigate buildings, board escalators, and travel on the bus and light-rail systems. Sapphire is VERY smart and learns always learns new concepts quickly. On her down time, she loves to run around community run and solicit any dog for a game of chase or tug. When she gets tired of running, she'll find a nice spot to lie down and chew a Nylabone.

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Sapphire sits, in harness, in front of an escalator in Clackamas Mall. She is looking directly into the camera and is wearing gray booties in her back feet.
Sapphire is standing in community run on a rainy day in Oregon. She is looking up into the camera with a calm expression on her face.