December 2023 Pupdate for Sparrow

Posted 12/21/2023

Sparrow has stolen the hearts of staff here in Oregon. She is such a sweet and gentle girl, who is happy to see everyone. Sparrow has been enjoying her campus walks, training games and playtime in the free run with her puppy friends. She is also always ready to cozy up on a soft bed and settle in for a nice nap. Sparrow has a roommate and the two of them can be seen snuggling whenever they get the chance. It is the cutest thing!

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A portrait of Sparrow, a petite female black lab. Sparrow is sitting on the sidewalk looking towards the camera.  Behind her are various fall colored plants.  Sparrow is attached to a leather braided leash.
Female black lab, Sparrow, stands in a play yard filled with wood chips.  She is wearing her blue martingale collar and is looking off into the distance.