December 2023 Pupdate for Valerie

Posted 12/21/2023

Happy December from Valerie on the Oregon campus! "Val" loves to stay busy busy busy and loves to show off her speed at solving puzzle toys like the smarty-pants that she is! Her other favorite activities she enjoys filling her day with, include Community Run time with her roommate and other besties, hanging out with the Kennel Techs, going on campus walks with our volunteer cruisers, and settling in for some quiet time relaxing on a cozy bed chewing on her favorite lobster shaped nylabone! Valerie is the happiest greeter in the mornings with lots of tail wags and full body wiggles when we come in to start the day! Thanks for raising such a joyful pup, she always brings a smile to our faces. She can't wait to play in the snow!

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A yellow lab sits in our concrete community run yard, staring up at the camera. Her ears are tucked back in excitement, as she waits for her reward for posing.
A yellow lab is mid stride running towards the camera, with her tongue slightly out as if she is licking her lips. Her ears are flopped up, catching the wind. She is in our concrete play yard, and various colored toys and play structures can be seen behind her.