December 2023 Pupdate for Leilani

Posted 12/21/2023

Winter is slowly arriving here on the Oregon Campus, and Leilani is loving it! "Lani" loves her roommate and enjoys getting some time to sniff around the bark chip play yard. She has been practicing her best "seal balancing a ball on their nose" impression with her favorite jolly ball toy, holding it above her head and parading it around. If she isn't playing or walking around campus, she enjoys having quiet time trading toys with her roommate, curling up with a tech on the heated floors, or getting cozy on an oversized soft bed dreaming of puzzle toys as well as endless kibble and nylabones. Thanks for raising this sweet girl, she brings so much pizzaz and personality to the kennel!

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A light yellow lab lays facing a blue ball, with her head turned to look at the camera. She is laying in our bark chip play yard and the edge of the kennel as well as a yellow jolly egg can be seen in the background.
A yellow lab holds a blue Jolly Ball above her head, and is prancing around with it. She is in our fenced bark chip yard with trees in the background.