February 2024 Pupdate for Augustus

Posted 2/15/2024

Happy February from Sir Augustus! He has earned the nickname "Gus Gus" while here and loves to spend time with the Kennel Techs, or laying on a cozy bed dreaming of peanut butter and Nylabones. Some of his favorite things he likes to do in his free time are participating in Nylabone bone chewing parties with his buddies, getting zoomies in Community Run, and going on walks with the Kennel Techs. He is so excited to start training soon and show his instructor all he's got! Thank you for raising such a sweet boy, he brings us so much joy seeing him wiggle with excitement every morning!

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Augustus, a yellow lab, is looking down at a red jolly pets teaser ball and has his left paw on top of it in play. he has a blue plastic play structure behind him in the cement play yard.
Augustus, a handsome yellow lab, is laying under a desk on a bed/tan blanket that has the word