February 2024 Pupdate for Bea

Posted 2/15/2024

Bea has really settled into life in training. She starts every morning with “Kong Calisthenics,” where her head is upside down as she eats food out of a Kong from underneath herself. Warmed up and ready, she wags her tail every time her harness is put on. Then she’s off like a rocket! Thank you for all the dedication it took to make sweet “Beanie Baby” into such a wonderful guide dog!

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Bea is wearing her harness and proudly using her front two feet to target a low, moss covered wall at a curb edge during a sidewalkless route.
Bea is standing on a green Kurunda bed, but her head is completely upside down, forehead touching the bed, as she licks at a black Kong that is underneath her torso; there are small crumbs of food all over the bed.