February 2024 Pupdate for Captain

Posted 2/15/2024

Happy Winter from Captain! Captain loved playing in the snow earlier this month and zooming around in it! This sweet girl has been learning how to work in buildings and the big city of Portland this month! Cappy always brings a happy smile and wiggly body to her training each day and I adore her for it. Everyone on campus always compliments her cute and squishy face. Captain loves hanging out with all the instructors in community run and giving kisses to whoever she can. She also likes walking underneath all the other dogs which always makes us laugh.

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Captain, a female black lab, sits in her guide dog harness in front of a mural in the Hawthorne district. The mural is full of pink, purple, blue, and yellow colors. Captain is looking at the camera.
Captain, a female black lab, sits on a red plastic play structure in community run. There is snow on the ground and some snowflake on her cute little brownish/black muzzle.