February 2024 Pupdate for Fabio

Posted 2/15/2024

As I am in my last week working with Fabio, it is very easy for me to write this pupdate and reflect on what a lovely guide he has become! He is always so excited to put on his harness an go on any adventure the day holds. He has made many, many friends on campus for his "happy ears" and identifiable characteristics! Fabio is a sweet and fun boy who both enjoys endless play, and a good nap in his trainer's lap.

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Fabio sits, in harness and back booties, on a sky bridge in Downtown Portland. He is looking directly into the camera with a calm expression. Seen in the background are various tall buildings and the streets below.
Fabio plays in a fenced-in yard with wood chips. The picture is taken from the top step of a red, plastic staircase. Fabio's front feet are propped-up on the staircase as he stretches his nose towards the camera in a close-up of his flared  nostrils.