February 2024 Pupdate for Gwendolyn

Posted 2/15/2024

Gwendolyn is so much fun to have in the kennels as she awaits her next steps. She is so calm in her run, but loves her play time and we love to play with her! She loves to play in CR with her friends and her rubber toys and has gotten to spend time with a couple different roommates during her time here! We are so glad to spend time with Gwendolyn!

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A portrait of female yellow Labrador Retriever, Gwendolyn, sitting on a green play structure in the community run area. There are blue and red play structures next to her and concrete and cyclone fencing in the background. She is looking at the camera with her mouth open and tongue out.
Gwendolyn runs toward the camera in a grassy free-run area. All four of her paws are off the ground, her ears are flapping back in the wind and her mouth is open with her tongue out.