February 2024 Pupdate for Kinley

Posted 2/15/2024

Ms. "KinnyKin" and I have been having so much fun learning together! She's a serious worker, and will do anything in exchange for a kibble or a good chest scratch. She loves to chew on Nylabones and run around the big play yards with her friends (both human and dog). Thank you so much for all the dedication that it took to get Kinley to this point in training!

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Kinley sits in harness on the Oregon GDB campus, looking seriously toward the camera. Behind her is a concrete half wall that has the GDB logo written in black letters.
Kinley sits in a fenced in, grassy field. She's lightly panting after a big play session, and the sun is shining on her face in a way that makes her eyes a bright, golden-brown color.