February 2024 Pupdate for Lolo

Posted 2/15/2024

Happy Winter from Lolo! Lolo got to have a big snow party earlier this month! She loved to lick all the snow and do zoomies around in it afterwards. Lolo has been working on more advanced guide work skills and learning to work in buildings and the big city. Lolo loves to target the escalators for me. She does a great job at guiding me around obstacles and always having a positive attitude! She is a lovely dog and I love her to pieces.

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Lolo, a female yellow lab, sits in front of a colorful mural in the Hawthorne district in her guide dog harness. The mural is full of pink, purple, blue, and yellow colors.
Lolo, a female yellow lab, stands on a red plastic play structure in community run. There is snow on the ground. Lolo is looking at the camera and both her ears are flying upwards.