February 2024 Pupdate for Strawberry

Posted 2/15/2024

Strawberry is the most adorable girl who is an absolute delight to have in the kennels! Her smile brings a smile to our face every day! She has loved playing in CR with her friends and having a roommate - a female Lab/Golden cross. We can't wait to see what Strawberry accomplishes.

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Strawberry, a light yellow coated Lab/Golden cross lays on her belly in the snow. Her body is pointing away from the camera, but she has her head turned to the right, looking back at the camera. Her hind legs are splayed out in a 'froggy' position. There is debris from fir trees in the snow.
Strawberry runs toward the camera in a snowy free run area. Her mouth is partially open and her ears are flopping slightly. There is a yellow play structure and cyclone fencing behind her and large evergreen trees in the background.