February 2024 Pupdate for Supreme

Posted 2/15/2024

Happy Winter from Supreme! Supreme got to play in lots of snow earlier this month and enjoyed doing zoomies around in it. He has been learning to work in buildings and the big city and loves it! He does a great job guiding me around the big crowds of people and finding my destinations. He always has such a positive attitude that I love. He wins the award for best smile in my opinion! His foster care providers adore him and love having him at their house. Supreme is always so excited to see them after working.

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Supreme, a male golden/labrador cross with a long coat, sits in his guide dog harness in front of a mural in the Hawthrone district. The mural is full of pink, purple, blue, and yellow colors. Supreme has a big smile on his face.
Supreme, a male golden/lab cross with a long coat, lays in his foster care home chewing on a wishbone. He is looking up at the camera.