February 2024 Pupdate for Wiki

Posted 2/15/2024

Wiki is a ball of energy! She has been so much fun to get to know in the kennels. She loves chewing on bones or playing with her friends! She always has a blast in community run or in the free run! She has enjoyed having a roommate - a female yellow Labrador Retriever Golden Retriever cross. We can't wait to spend more time with Wiki while she is here!

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A portrait of Wiki, a petite female black Labrador Retriever sitting in front of a bush of tall tan grass. She is looking at the camera and there is a pink leash attached to her collar.
Wiki runs toward the camera in the grassy free run area. Her front paws are curled up in a running motion. Her mouth is partially open and her ears are both flapped straight up. There are vehicles and an obstacle course in the background.