February 2024 Pupdate for Zeski

Posted 2/15/2024

Happy Valentine’s Day from Zeski! “Beski-Boy” has jumped into training and is having a blast discovering himself and his bright future. His silly, affectionate personality shines through and we’ve loved getting to know him. Zeski, or as we’ve started calling him, “Zesty Zeski”, is full of spice and looks forward to each of his lessons. We’re so lucky to have him in Oregon!

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Male yellow lab, Zeski, sits on a sidewalk in his GDB harness looking up at the camera with a stoic expression. Out of focus in the background is a sandwich board with “Hawaiian Shave Ice” print and a colorful photo of shaved ice.
Male yellow lab, Zeski, runs towards the camera in one of our community run areas. He holds a bone in his mouth with 3 feet off the ground and his tail flying behind him.