January 2024 Pupdate for Captain

Posted 1/18/2024

Happy New Year from your favorite girl! Captain and her wiggly self are enjoying training and learning all things guide dog! Captain is such a sweet girl and always puts a big smile on my face with her goofy personality. She gets lots of comments in town and around campus of how cute and happy she looks. In community run she loves to jump as high as she can off the plastic play structures and make all the instructors laugh. Captain loves training in new places and is always up for a new adventure. Her and her roommate love sharing their bones together when they aren't working.

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Captain, a female black Labrador, sits on the sidewalk in downtown Gresham. She is wearing her leather harness and is looking at the camera. She is sitting in front of a green bush filled with small orange berries.
Captain, a female black Labrador, stands her front feet on a fake gray rock in our grassy free run area on the Oregon campus. She is looking at the camera and has half her lip tucked on her teeth. Her tail is mid wag.