January 2024 Pupdate for Fran

Posted 1/18/2024

Happy New Year from Fran! This wiggly pup is so ready to start training in the snow. She loves to bop around in Community Run with her best friends and roommate, and share a Gonut tug toy with them for a serious game of tug! When it's nap time, she enjoys dreaming of peanut butter and enjoying the heated floors in the kennel. Fran really enjoys a good cuddle sesh with the CWTTs on the squishy beds and a yummy lobster shaped nylabone too!

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A yellow lab runs in the snow with her head low and her ears flopped up sniffing all the new scents that come with snowfall. She is rounding a blue play structure.
A yellow lab has her  ears folded back mid wiggle with her pink nose in the air. She is prancing around, excited for her dinner!