January 2024 Pupdate for Gwendolyn

Posted 1/18/2024

Gwendolyn is a joy to have in the kennels! She is so much fun to hangout with! We love having her in the center section with us and she has been getting lots of indoor play time recently with the winter weather coming to Oregon. We are excited to spend more time with Gwendolyn as she awaits her next steps!

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Gwendolyn, a large female yellow Labrador Retriever, sits on her burgundy Kuranda bed in her kennel run. Her body is turned slightly, but she is looking at the camera. The wall behind her is white, black, gray, and blue speckled.
Gwendolyn leaps toward the camera in the center section. Her front two feet are in the air and pointing at the camera. She is looking up with a red and black figure-eight tug ring in her mouth. There are white cabinets and cleaning supplies in the distance behind her.