January 2024 Pupdate for Harry

Posted 1/18/2024

Harry is having a happy New Year! We spent the winter break snuggling and romping around in the grassy area on campus. Harry was ready to get back to work and has shown nice improvement in his guide work. He learned how to target an escalator hand rail rather quickly and has been a delight when it comes to obedience! My favorite thing about Harry is how attentive he is and his love for toys! I don’t often make up a voice for the dogs that I train, but Harry has a distinct older British gentleman’s voice in my opinion.

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A male black lab named Harry is sitting on a stone pathway in a park. There is a cityscape in the background and he is wearing his guide dog harness.
Harry, a male black lab, is sitting in the fenced in grassy area on campus. He is smiling and looking at the camera.